Single Pass Rotary Dryers

Single Pass Rotary Dryers

Should You Invest in Single Pass Rotary Dryers?

Rotary dryers have high capacity and low maintenance costs. They provide a unique way to reduce moisture in a wide variety of materials. That’s what makes them so useful across agricultural and other industries. Here are just a few uses of rotary dryers:

  • Transform poultry bedding or sewage sludge into nutrient-rich fertilizer
  • Sterilize dairy bedding and recycle it
  • Dry hemp to increase its shelf life

Rotary dryers are a sustainable solution to recycling waste. At Uzelac Industries, we offer two kinds of rotary dryers, single pass and triple pass, that help customers choose the best solutions for their business or organization.

Keep reading to find out how single pass rotary dryers work and the benefits of choosing Uzelac Industries Inc. to provide your single or triple pass rotary dryers.

What Is a Single Pass Rotary Drum and How Does it Work?

Single pass rotary dryers use heated gas to dry moist material circulated through a rotating drum. Inwardly extending flights mix particles so that they move around, facilitating the evaporation process. These dryers tilt, putting gravity to work moving the materials as the drum spins.

Materials move unidirectionally through the single cylinder and are blasted by gas to reduce moisture content. In addition, single pass dryers optimize the airstream. They typically include spiral flights to speed up or slow down motion, giving you greater control over moisture removal or retention. To achieve this, we can add different patterns of spiral flights throughout the drum. These flights act like a screw conveyor. Depending on the configuration, this increases or decreases retention time.

Benefits of Single Pass Rotary Dryers

The type of rotary dryer you need depends on the qualities you want for your final product. However, the benefits of single pass rotary dryers include:

  • Reliable use for decades if properly maintained.
  • This style drum is best at handling larger volumes of product and dense material.
  • Better performance with particles one inch or larger
  • Greater flexibility in flight design helps optimize shower pattern to spread material more evenly across the air stream.

Are you ready to recycle your livestock bedding or turn your waste into fertilizer? Talk to one of our knowledgeable rotary dryer specialists to find out how to get started.

Ready to get a quote on Uzelac Industries Inc.’s rotary dryers? Contact us online or call 414-529-0240 to find out which technology would work best for your product.


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