Rotary Dryers

Rotary Dryers

Many industries use rotary dryers to minimize moisture content in material during the manufacturing process. Typically, these systems use heated gas to dry material in a large rotary chamber. Uzelac Industries Inc. works with clients to design and build customized drying systems.

Uzelac Industries is a Rotary Dryer Supplier that offers two types of rotary dryers: A Single-Pass Rotary Dryer and a Triple-Pass Rotary Dryer. The best dryer type for each individual installation is determined based on many variables such as product type, volume, space etc. We also have a fully-functioning rotary test dryer in-house to test the viability of product with our technology for potential customers.


Types of Rotary Dryers

Uzelac Industries Inc. designs rotary dryers for the following purposes:

  • Rendering
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Biomass
  • Alternative energy
  • Biosolids and Residuals

Our clients receive custom-designed and built rotary dryers with minimal installation required prior to use. Larger systems may require on-site assembly by our team of technicians.

Benefits of Rotary Dryers

Rotary Dryers combine reliable performance with long-lasting use. Our systems work with a range of materials and sizes and can help you streamline your manufacturing or processing cycle.

Here are some of the benefits of rotary dryers.

  • Rapidly dries high moisture content material without damaging product.
  • Reduces capital and operating costs
  • Reduces equipment size
  • Promotes diffusion drying
  • Saves energy

Examples of Rotary Dryers

Our clients use rotary dryers in a number of industries including:


Here are two examples of rotary dryers at work:

  • Biomass: The most common biomass fuel is wood and related processing wastes. Uzelac rotary dryers use sawdust and wood shavings to create wood pellets and particleboard for the timber industry.
  • Gasification: Gasification is the process of creating a high-heat oxygen-starved environment to get rid of excess carbon. The resulting gases are combined with air in thermal oxidizers. This process creates a carbon-rich biochar. Uzelac rotary dryers dry various materials, such as cattle or hog manure, bio sludge, or biosolids. The semi-processed material then goes to a gasifier, which converts it to energy or biochar that also provides heat for this system. The end product can be used for animal bedding, water and soil filtration, and animal feed supplementations.

We would love to discuss possible applications for your business. Uzelac Industries can help you have a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line with efficient rotary dryers.

Uzelac Industries Inc. is located in Greendale, Wisconsin. Feel free to contact us online or call us at 414-529-0240 to set up a site visit. You can also email us at for more information on any of our products, including rotary dryers.

Our Dryer Models

Base Extra Capacity Stretched Stretched
Extra Capacity
SPD-500 SPD-1000
TPD-1250 TPD-1500BB TPD-1500
TPD-2500 TPD-3000BB TPD-3000 TPD-3500BB
TPD-4000 TPD-5000
SPD-4000 SPD-5000
TPD-6000 TPD-6500
SPD-6000 SPD-6500
TPD-8000 TPD-10000BB TPD-10000
SPD-8000 SPD-10000BB SPD-10000
TPD-12000 TPD-13500
SPD-12000 SPD-13500
TPD-15000 TPD-16000 TPD-18000
SPD-15000 SPD-16000 SPD-18000

*SPD-Single Pass Dryer

*TPD-Triple Pass Dryer

Range of Evaporation

400 - 32,000 lb/hr.

Please note that the operating capacity depends on the product being dried



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Learn more about how Uzelac Industries helped Herbruck's Poultry Ranch develop a Poultry Manure Drying System that can handle the volume that their size flock can produce.



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