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Uzelac Industries offers maintenance agreements on all rotary dryer systems including our installations and those of competitors.

These are unique to each customer, but typically include the following:

  • Check and document condition of mechanical equipment including Rollers, Trunnions, Tires, Seals, Airlocks, Chain, Sprockets, Burners, Fuel Train, Conveyors, Fans / Blowers, Ductwork and General Drum Condition.
  • Measure and document: Airflow (using UI measurement equipment); Temperatures (using UI measurement equipment as well as readings from the control equipment); Type and condition of the control system and Fuel and product feed systems.
  • Provide a summary of all gathered data
  • Recommended process and / or set point changes
  • Review of the condition of the mechanical equipment
  • Provide details of system changes and improvements
  • Provide an itemized list of all required maintenance and repairs
  • Provide Recommendation(s) for further investigation if necessary (i.e. Some issues may require access to the drum during shut down)
  • Provide refresher training, or training for new operators

Uzelac Industries can rebuild or repair your M-E-C Hammermill!

Are you having issues with your old M-E-C Hammermill or need spare parts? As the only approved M-E-C equipment supplier, we can help you with that!

Here are some items we can provide:
HM6-D3 - Hammermill Rotor for Series 2445 Hammermill
HM6-D4 - Hammermill Rotor for Series 3645 Hammermill
(Rebuild cost is determined by how much wear to each rotor.)

Hammermill Hammers, Pins, and Screens:
2445 Hammermill Rotors:
HM9-A4-64 – Hammers
HM10-A2 – Pins

3645 Hammermill Rotors:
HM9-A4-96 – Hammers
HM10-A3 – Pins

Screens are sizes vary:
Perforation, Thickness, and Size (Length, Width, Radius)
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