Triple Pass Rotary Dryers

Triple Pass Rotary Dryers

What You Need to Know About Triple Pass Rotary Dryers

There are two main types of rotary dryers, single pass and triple pass. While both types of dryers have their place, this page concentrates on the advantages of triple pass rotary dryers. Triple pass rotary dryers are built to handle light material. Additionally, they are ideal for products with heat sensitivity. Thanks to smaller cross sections and multiple cylinders, they run at lower temperatures and achieve higher air velocity.

Triple pass drums have smaller footprints perfect for operations with limited space—20% smaller than a single pass drum. Additionally, big belly drums with shorter length and larger diameter are also available.

Uzelac Industries Inc. offer numerous options for rotary dryers, including both single and triple pass rotary drums.

How Triple Pass Rotary Drums Work

Triple pass drums have three nested cylinders with flights that direct material flow. Here’s a high-level overview of how they work:

  • Material feeds through the innermost drum first.
  • From there, it’s pushed into the middle drum.
  • Finally, the material passes through the outermost shell, where it’s discharged at the required dryness level.

The product takes a serpentine motion through each of the cylinders. Prior to passing through the next cylinder, it hits a head plate and changes direction to maintain momentum.

We provide triple pass rotary dryers for biomass and other industrial uses.

Benefits of Triple Pass Rotary Dryers

Triple pass models have the following advantages:

  • Uses less energy, ideal for smaller materials
  • Drums contain reading plates that increase the drying speed
  • More compact size
  • Lower noise rate

Find out if a triple pass drum would work for your operation. Get a quote on a triple pass dryer today.

Higher Upfront Cost, Lower Cost of Operation

Triple pass drums cost a bit more upfront. However, they run efficiently, leading to lower operating costs. Because triple pass rotary dryers run at lower temperatures, they use less fuel. Additionally, these dryers have smaller drum drives, which disperse the product between the three cylinders.

We welcome your questions and concerns, and our knowledgeable representatives can perform a site evaluation to help you choose the dryer that would best help you accomplish your goals. Our team also provides parts and service for your rotary dryers.

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