Majestic Valley Pellet




Project Location: Alamosa, CO

Project Completion Date: February 2020

System Size: SPD-6000BB

Finished Product: Wood Chips

Majestic Valley Pellet reached out to Uzelac Industries to help modify their current wood chip drying system to increase its output.

The existing system was a fluidized bed dryer getting heat from a solid fuel burner.

Uzelac was able to modify the system by replacing the fluidized bed dryer with a rotary drying drum. This more than tripled the final product output for Majestic Valley. Uzelac was able to reuse the existing biomass burner and dust cyclone providing Majestic Valley a cost-competitive way to increase their production.

The drying system is drying wood chips down from 45% moisture content to 10% moisture content to allow for pelletizing.

“Uzelac was able to understand my needs and provide a custom solution that was cost effective”
-Jeff Fringer, President Majestic Valley Pellets

Majestic Valley Pellet Project

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Drum With Product

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