Sludge Dryers

Sludge Dryers

Why Use Sludge Dryers in Your Wastewater Treatment Facility? Wastewater treatment plants face an uphill battle with disposing of the biosolids produced in their operations. Transporting costs are significant primarily because of the high water content of the material. One way to mitigate costs and turn the biosolids into something useful is to utilize sludge dryers.

Uzelac Industries is a leader in engineering customized drying systems for rendering, biomass, biosolids and residuals, waste-to-energy, and alternative energy industries. We work with you to design a product that meets your unique situation and will last for years to come.


Both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants produce nutrient-rich organic materials when the sludge has been appropriately treated and processed. The material is dried, and the best part is that the biosolids can be used as fertilizer for the soil.

Types of Biosolids

Uzelac Industries Inc. produces sludge dryers capable of drying biosolids such as:
• Digestate
• Municipal Biosolids
• DAF solids
• Manures
• Industrial Sludge

What Are Sludge Dryers?

These machines use a thermal drying process to evaporate the water within biosolids, leaving a product with reduced volume. The dried sludge is much easier to store, transport, and package.

How Do Sludge Dryers Work?

Often a sludge dryer is used for the final drying of sludge or digestate. Dewatered solids enter the dryer’s inlet and begin the process of drying as heated air is applied. The airflow moves the dewatered product into a collection system. The hot air and dried product are separated with the product moved to a storage area for further processing, such as screening or sorting.

Benefits of Using Sludge Dryers for Granulation

As cost-effective and environmentally conscious managers, utilizing a sludge dryer in your facility makes sense. Here are some benefits to consider:
• Granules are much easier to handle, making transportation a breeze compared to water-laden sludge.
• Since the granules are dry and do not add moisture to the soil, they can aid in preventing runoff.
• Increase your facility’s revenue as you sell your premium biosolid fertilizer.

Applications for Dried Sludge

Refined sludge has many applications that enhance the environment. Here are a few:
• The most common application is that of fertilizer for crop harvesting.
• Golf courses benefit from using dried sludge granules as a top dressing on their fairways.
• New parks and athletic fields benefit from the soil conditioning the product brings.
• It is a good substitute as a final landfill cover.

Make the Most of Wastewater Sludge with an Uzelac Sludge Dryer

Today’s market offers many opportunities to add value to the end-user while increasing your bottom line. At Uzelac Industries, we believe it is possible to build sludge dryers that do both. Read how Uzelac sludge dryers enabled a biosolids treatment plant to take waste and turn it — all of it — into something useful. Our team is ready to aid you in taking the next step to protecting the environment. Talk to us today about your sludge drying needs.
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Within twelve months, Ecoremedy® engineered, financed, permitted, and constructed the facility under an innovative BOOM (Build/Own/Operate/Manage) model.

The Morrisville Municipal Authority provided a quarter-acre parcel adjacent to the dewatering building and a biosolids supply contract for a fixed-fee per ton to Ecoremedy.



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