Test Dryers

Test Dryers

We have a Test Dryer in-house that we can use to test the viability of your product with our technology!

At Uzelac we have built a test drying unit to simulate the use of a rotary dryer for drying different substances. Although we’ve manufactured rotary drying systems for a wide range of products, there is frequently something unique about each new product that we are asked to dry. Not every digestate, DAF skim, sludge, manure, or biomass are the same.

When customers come to us as a rotary dryer supplier and want to determine the feasibility of using a drum dryer for their application, our questions center around the product flow, mass balance, and nature of the product being dried. Although certain assumptions can be made based on our experience, as a rotary dryer manufacturer, a test dry of their individual product is always advised before final engineering and pricing of a new system.

Some customers exploring types of rotary drying systems will want a test dry early in their research and development of a project to assist with their plant layout and design. We offer this service at a nominal fee which is refundable against the purchase price of a new dryer.

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