(Picture of our New Gasket)

Improved dryer drum outlet tube gaskets wear 50% longer

We all know dryer tube gaskets are a consumable part of your dryer that can be expensive to replace.

At Uzelac Industries, we have created a modified dryer outlet tube gasket that is more cost effective than the prior styles over the life of your dryer.

Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your dryer while saving money?

The old gasket had riveted seals that fall off when they wear down to the rivets.

Our new gaskets have a bolted-on seal—where the bolts ride above the area of wear, which allows for about 50% more wear time on the seals.

Rather than purchasing a completely new gasket when the seals eventually wear out, our seals can be purchased separately and bolted onto the existing gasket—saving you hundreds of dollars every time this basic maintenance is needed.

Reach out to a Uzelac representative today to take advantage of this amazing cost-saving technology.